Maps and rounds of Fall Guys

If we had to list the elements that will help you become a master at playing Fall Guys, we’d say that the main one is practice (the best way to learn how to walk is by walking), but you might also find our Fall Guys tips and tricks¬†especially useful, as well as the ones we provide in this section you’re in now. Knowing the ins and outs of each round will put you at an advantage over those who don’t know them yet.

Guide to the race rounds

The goal in this type of screen is clear: run and try to get there first! If you fall too far behind, you will not pass the screen and will be disqualified. We know it’s crazy to compete against so many players, but that’s the fun of the game – what fun!

Dizzy heights

A race full of madness and fun awaits you!

This is one of the first rounds of the game. As soon as you start, you will have to go through some very dangerous turntables. These will turn either to the right or to the left, but the direction of each one will always be the opposite of the previous one.

Overcoming this obstacle is just the beginning, because then you will have to avoid some yellow balls that will fall in front of you. If you hit them you will be knocked down, but they are easy to dodge. But watch out for your opponents: they will be your biggest obstacle.

Unfortunately, we haven’t finished yet. Do you know what is worse than a turntable or a yellow ball trying to knock you down? Both at the same time! At the end of the race, you will have to cross these platforms while dodging dozens of yellow balls. After that, you will have reached the finish line and finished the level!

Choose your path well, as some are shorter than others. But always be aware of your opponents, the long way may be less traveled.

See saw

Another of the most popular race maps among Fall Guys fans. However, the most important thing here is not speed, but skill and balance. You must run, balance on the rows of seesaws, and jump from one platform to another depending on the weight on the seesaws.

If you have to get out of the first ones, you will have the advantage that the platforms will be perfectly balanced; take advantage of this to make it difficult for your rivals!

On the other hand, if you are one of the last ones, you will need patience and wait until the platforms are in a position that allows you to jump on them. Don’t rush, but don’t overdo it: if you see that the platform you are on is losing its balance, jump to the next one before it is too late and try to balance it.

You will reach a fork in the road. Choose to be more balanced.

As an additional tip, if you see that your platform has a downward slope, it may be a better idea to jump from the other end and avoid falling. When you reach the last platforms, you will see that they are lower than the landing zone. In this case, it is best to move your weight and balance the platform you are on so that you can jump from a higher position.

Tip toe

This round seems simple: between the goal and you, there are only a lot of tiles to cross. The problem is that some of them are fake! When you step on them, they disappear under your feet.

How do you identify them? The fake tiles vibrate every few seconds for a second. This way, you can tell which ones you shouldn’t step on. You can also wait and see if a rival falls into one of these traps. However, you must be careful, because the fake tiles reappear a few seconds later.

As a bonus, in the last two rows, the real tiles form a straight path to the goal. Identify one and the next one will be right in front of you.

Fruit chute

In this test you will find yourself on a large mechanical belt that constantly pulls you backwards. Your objective is to advance and reach the goal while avoiding the obstacles thrown by three types of cannons.

One of them throws giant fruits. The second one throws small fruits, but in great quantities. The last one will throw chocolate sticks that you have to jump over.

A good tip is to place yourself on the sides of the treadmill and try to hide in the inflatable structures you will find there. It is also convenient to move forward in zigzags. And if you like to play dirty, you can try to use your opponents as human shields, just to get to the finish line first!

Hit parade

This scenario is difficult from the beginning. You will have to keep the balance between two horizontal logs and move to the next platform. However, as they appear at the beginning of the gate, it is most likely that you will end up falling into the lower area in the pile of rivals. Don’t worry, just continue from there and get into a good position.

Then you will find a series of doors that you will have to open by pushing them. We advise you to stay on the outside of the central doors and go along with the other players.

Next, a series of swinging pendulums will appear distributed along a walkway. The strategy is simple: stand on the sides and make sure you continuously turn the camera to keep track of the pendulums.

If you pass this test, you will reach the gelatinous slope. Be very careful, you must avoid colliding with other players… and with the moving pivots! If you approach the sides, you will dodge the pivots and the wall will be a great barrier to protect you from your opponents.

Did you get through this last part? Just walk to the finish line. You’ve outdone your opponents!

The whirligig

This screen brings us a series of obstacles that we must avoid. On the one hand, we have rotating logs that pass at ground level. On the other hand, wind blades that will try to slow down our progress.

To overcome the logs, it will be necessary to jump from log to log at the right time. If you made a bad calculation, jump in the air! You will gain an extra boost. In case a log hits you, nothing happens. Recover and keep going.

Behind the logs you will find a ramp (climbing the middle part will be faster). In front of it you will find a wall that usually concentrates too many players. What you have to do is jump over the yellow bases or climb by pressing the grab button when you jump. This way, your character will be hung up and will climb up by force.

Congratulations! You have reached the wind blade section. Calculate the moment when they leave a free space, take the momentum and jump. You will be faced with three paths: one straight (fast and difficult) and two lateral (slow, but easier). It all depends on your ability, so decide well.

Door dash

This mini-game forces you to identify which doors are real (they will open when you ram them) and which doors are false (you will crash into them). Since there is no certain way to differentiate them, we give you a recommendation: don’t be the first one to ram them.

Wait for some other player to ram the doors. If it opens, hurry up and go through it! If not, at least you can rule it out. Repeat this process and you will have no problem getting through the level.

As a last piece of advice, the last door must be overcome by jumping and ramming in the air, because behind it there is a big drop and you will avoid being dragged down.

Slime climb

Watch out for this test! It is one of the most difficult in the game. You’ll have to dodge obstacles and the deadly lava that will rise as the players advance – the faster they move, the faster the lava rises! And if that’s not enough, the platform is narrow and the obstacles will try to knock you down.

As soon as you start, you will see some yellow mats. If you are one of the first, you can try to jump on them, which will give you a small advantage over your competitors and allow you to avoid the yellow cubes that emerge from the walls.

Once you overcome this obstacle, you will reach a slope where giant balls will roll. Just ski them and watch out for the lilac cubes that will appear.

Then you’ll see another slope with ribbons and pivots, nothing fancy. Then you will have to overcome some rotating rollers and keep your balance.

You’ve reached the last section!

Now you just have to overcome a slope with spinning hammers (the trick is to make a diagonal to the right), some blue cubes and some other gelatinous slopes. Little do they get here, and we are sure you will be one of them.

Gate crash

On this map, the most important thing is to avoid moving doors. At first they will be slow and you will be able to cross them easily, but little by little they will accelerate and rollers and slippery mud will appear.

Therefore, control the opening times of the doors. From the fourth door on, the movement pattern changes: only the two in the middle open and close normally.

Afterwards, you will go through a slippery ramp. At the end of this, you will see three different doors. Choose quickly! It is best to choose the one that is closed because it will open up along the way.

Knight fever

Speed will not be a good ally at this stage. Here, the important thing is to have patience and avoid every medieval obstacle without falling into the void.

At the beginning you will find two ramps with giant axes swinging. Take either of them, but be careful, there are holes in the ground that you must avoid.

Later on you will see rollers and spinning violet spikes. The important thing is to advance and avoid colliding with other players so that they don’t push you towards the obstacles. Jumping is not a good idea, the best thing is to run until you reach a slope. There, you will have to avoid more axes by jumping and diving or simply run until the end of the course.

You are not finished yet.

You will see another floor with holes and two spiked rollers. We recommend you one thing: patience. Wait for the rollers to pass and run fast.

Near the end, you’ll see three wooden boards going up and down. To cross, it is best to climb on the boards as they descend. Ready! You’ve finished another race of Fall Guys.

Wall guys

On this map you will have to work as a team. Use the obstacles to create paths that allow you to climb the walls. It seems simple, but if you don’t collaborate with the other players, the round can become very long.

However, if you still want to do the easy part, you’ll just have to wait for the others to form the blocks to cross. Although perhaps unethical, it is a good strategy.

Big fans

The dynamics of this round seems simple, but it can turn into total chaos: you must reach the goal by crossing a series of turntables divided into sectors. Each platform turns in the opposite direction to the previous one.

As you advance, some platforms include rollers that will try to knock you down. Jump over them to avoid falling into the void.

A good strategy is to avoid crowds of players. Calculate the jump well, take impulse and get to the finish line first.

Tips on survival mini-games

It’s every man for himself!

Depending on the screen you are on, there are two different ways to win in survival mode: by staying alive when the stopwatch is set to zero or by surviving the number of opponents that have been set to be eliminated before the end of the round. Either way, the mission is the same: to survive!

Tail tag

Steal a tail and don’t let anyone take it away from you!

To win in this game, you must keep a tail until the time is up. Of course, if you don’t have one, you will have to steal it from someone.

The best thing is to keep the queue for the final moments of the game. In the center of the level there are tunnels where you can go unnoticed. If you like risks, another option is right on the central platform and surrounded by traps and spinning mallets.

However, the ideal is not to stop moving and running away. Yes, run away!

Block party

Dodge the blocks and hide in the holes they leave! In this simple test you must avoid the walls created by the blocks and take advantage of the holes they leave.

As a tip, the best place is the center of the platform. There you will be able to control better the form that the blocks take and to arrive quickly at any hole that they have left.

This test is won with patience and moving the camera very well. Do not rush, calculate each step and be careful with the other players: they may try to throw you against some of the obstacles.

Did you survive? Congratulations! You have qualified for the next round.

Jump club

The longer you wait, the worse it will be. The rollers in this test will increase their speed over time and what you should do is jump over the lower one while avoiding hitting the upper one. Simple, isn’t it?

At the same time, you will have to choose a stable platform. The ones that tremble are about to fall, so you have to be observant. How to win? You must make sure that the side you have chosen remains stable until the end of the game.

Perfect match

Use logic to place yourself in the boxes corresponding to the fruit that appears on the screens around you. You will do this three times and, as the difficulty increases, you will need to memorize the fruits and their positions. If you take too long, you will fall into the void!

Actually, this is one of the easiest tests in the game. You can do it as a team so that everyone memorizes the position of a fruit. If you play alone and you forgot the order, nothing is as intuitive as following the other players.

Roll out

If you want to survive, you must avoid falling off a giant rolling pin divided into several parts. These turn in different directions and have areas with holes where you could fall, walls that block the way and even springs that would throw you into the air.

The trick in this mini-game is to constantly change sectors and stay on top of the roller. Avoid jumping so as not to make it too complicated and try to be at the ends of the roller, as they are usually safer.

Do you want another tip? Push the other players and make them lose their balance.

Hoopsie legends

The dynamics of this level consists of crossing the rings and accumulating points (6 maximum). Easy, isn’t it? Only in appearance.

On the stage you will find a lot of boxes and ramps that you can move or push at your convenience. Use them to access certain hoops located in elevated parts.

Remember that the hoops appear randomly and if another player crosses it before you, the hoop disappears. Therefore, it is best that you play on your own and look for the hoops on your own. We also recommend you to pay attention to the central zone: there usually appear many hoops.

Ah! Don’t lose sight of the golden rings, they give 5 points! Normal rings only give 1 point, so they can make a difference.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not worth rushing. Go slowly but surely and you will be one of the classifieds.

Strategies for team maps

It’s ironic: you depend on some of your rivals to achieve victory. Later, you will face them and then there will be no compassion, but now you have a team and you must fight alongside them, side by side, so as not to be disqualified.


In the midst of the chaos, you must keep as many balls as possible in your field and prevent rivals from taking them away. These balls move without following any kind of pattern, so everything happens at random, which forces you to calculate well every move.

To win, you have to play dirty. Coordinate well with your team and steal the balls from the opponent who has the least amount. In this way, you may win, not because you have many balls, but because you left your opponent with few.

The strategy to follow is simple: instead of taking care of the balls in your field, try to steal the others. If an opponent steals one of your balls, the best thing to do is to give it up.

Join the chaos!

Jump, push and do your best to get as many balls as possible.

Team tail tag

Similar to the level of tail tag, only here the important thing is to have the most points at the end of the round. A good strategy is perhaps the most absurd: if you have a tail, stay still and avoid attracting attention.

Obviously, if you don’t have a tail, take it from someone else! This way you secure points for your team and increase your chances of winning.


Did you show up jinxed? If so, your mission is to infect other players. And if not, then run and don’t look back!

Keep your distance from the jinxes so that your team wins. However, if one of them touches you and you go over to the side of the infected, leave any precautions aside: now it’s up to you to touch the others as quickly as possible.

Egg scramble

As the name suggests, the goal of this map is to collect as many eggs as possible, located in the center, and take them to your team’s nest. Each of the teams has its nest in the corners of the sand, so don’t get confused and locate yours.

The advantage is that you will not have to worry about disturbing your opponents (in fact, this is a bad strategy). Focus on getting the eggs to your nest and avoiding obstacles such as mallets and moving blocks. If your team gets the most eggs, you have won.

Hoopsie daisy

Level similar to hoopsie legends, but in teams.

The good thing about this test is that it is not necessary to be the best team, but it is enough not to look like the worst. What you have to do is jump and throw yourself through the hoops that will appear at random and disappear once they are pierced.

As this is a team test, a good idea is to divide into areas. You also have to evaluate the height and look for the exact point of support to jump.

Note: each ring is only worth one point. In this case, all give the same score.

Fall ball

A soccer game in Fall Guys? That’s what this fun and original screen is about, with the difference that on the field there will be two balls at once!

Your mission is to score goals in your opponent’s goal, so communicate well with your team so they know when to attack and when to defend.

Remember that it’s not just about scoring goals. If your goal is unprotected, you will be an easy target, defend it from your opponents and prevent them from increasing their score!

When you score a goal, a new ball will fall from the sky. However, you will see its shadow on the sand first, so you can predict the landing place. This is very useful because, if you calculate well, one jump is enough to score a direct goal.

Sometimes other strange objects will fall, like rugby balls, for example. They are also useful for scoring goals, but many times it is not too easy, so it is preferable to focus on conventional balls.

As always, foul play is also an alternative.

Grab your opponents and make their movements difficult!

Rock 'n' roll

Three teams (red, blue and yellow), a giant ball for each one and a lane to follow. The objective: cross the obstacle course, overcome an open slope and reach the goal. You don’t have to be the first, just being the last is enough to qualify.

That’s what this mini team game is all about. We advise you to follow the rhythm of the level and not to get in the way. When you reach the end of the course, a new zone will open where the goal changes slightly: you must now prevent the opponent’s ball from reaching the goal.

However, it is best to focus on your ball and make your team one of the first. You can also annoy your opponent a little bit, but remember that teamwork is the most important thing in this map.

Egg siege

Although the dynamics of this test is similar to that of the egg scramble, there are some details that differentiate it, apart from the fact of playing in teams, and make it a little more difficult.

Take as many eggs as you can to your nest in two minutes and avoid being the team with less eggs. In the meantime, you should avoid axes and wooden ramps. On top of that, be careful that no other team steals the eggs from your nest.

You steal from them!

If you get the golden eggs (there are only three) you will get more points than with the normal ones. Play fast, defend your nest and take advantage of the team that has fewer eggs, stealing from them, to make sure you are in the top two.

Techniques to win the final levels

The moment of truth has arrived. It took you a while, but you’ve reached the final round of Fall Guys. Only one of the ten players left standing will win. You want it to be a crown for you so focus and help yourself to these tips. And remember:

There can only be one left!


This test is highly strategic: you will appear on a hexagonal platform that will gradually fall. You must move with skill to be the last one left alive.

Therefore, it is a good idea to place yourself at the ends and move from there. You will see that most of them are placed in the center (don’t do it). Plan a route and remember that this is a final, so only one can win – that must be you!

Fall mountain

Run, run and run!

The goal is to get to the top of the mountain while avoiding all obstacles.

The best strategy is to run on the sides and avoid the center. Then, you just need to get past the spinning hammers. Watch the direction in which they turn so that you don’t collide with them and you can enter through any of the holes they leave.

Then you only need to climb a small hill and jump towards the crown by pressing the grip button. But don’t get too confident, a few milliseconds can give victory to an opponent. Keep in mind that there can only be one winner.

Royal fumble

We warn you: this is one of the most difficult and hated final phases by the gamers. As in catching the tail, the one who keeps this object at the end of the game wins. The problem is that there is only one queue for all the players.

Having said that, the strategy is clear: go directly to the player who has the tail, pick it up and run away as if your life depended on it.

If you already have the tail, avoid heading to the edges of the stage. It is better to use the ramps and spinning disks so that your opponents have a harder time catching up with you.

It is a very difficult level, but with a good route and strategy you will be victorious.

Jump showdown

Can you imagine the¬†jump club¬†with increased difficulty? Well, that’s what you’ll find here.

In this final test you will also have logs spinning above you, but on the ground you will have to jump through two giant sticks in order not to fall.

As time goes by, the laps will be faster and you will have to tune your reflexes. Therefore, the last one to stand up will win.

But that’s not all: the floor is divided into several platforms that will fall one by one. To know which one will fall, just look at those that start to shake.

So be patient, calculate your movements well and, if you want a bit of foul play, grab your opponents so they can’t jump.